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Entrepreneurship is nothing new to the Siwa’s. Jessalynn Siwa’s journey began in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where she owned a dance studio and her husband, Tom, was a local chiropractor business owner.  Together Tom and Jessalynn had two children, Jayden and JoJo.  Both children had big aspirations and dreams.

“As parents, you want to encourage your children to pursue their dreams and be their unique selves.  Over the years our journey has been exciting, hard at times, and something I have never regretted for one second! I have learned and grown so much along the way that I want to now help others by sharing my story.  Whether that’s sharing my family’s next adventure, teaching you something new, or just having a mom to mom, heart to heart.”

Join Jessalynn and her family on their journey as she brings her listeners along with them on their adventure.

“I hope that sharing my story can inspire and bring joy to my followers.”

Jessalynn Siwa 

Mom, wife, and family manager

Mom Pep Talk

“Jessalynn’s Pep Talk”

One of the many pep talks during our time on Dance Moms.  I always just encouraged JoJo to try her best, have fun, and show everyone that you mean business!

~Dance Moms. Season 6, Episode 3 2016.

“JoJo Siwa’s mom Jess on bullies and haters: ‘Delete ’em’ “

Mom’s advice to JoJo: Just keep living your dream.

/ Source: TODAY
By Joe Dziemianowicz

JoJo Siwa’s mom’s advice: Haters don’t deserve “even one second of your life”

For 15-year-old YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa, singing and dancing in music videos like her viral smash, “D.R.E.A.M.” requires hitting all the right moves.

Her mother Jess Siwa has a smart move for dealing with bullies, trolls and social-media meanies.

She told JoJo: “If they really bother you, just delete ’em and block ’em. Don’t even let ’em come on your page,” Jess tells TODAY anchor Sheinelle Jones in a new episode of “Through Mom’s Eyes,” a digital-exclusive series for TODAY Parents.

“In the beginning, (JoJo) was very upset. And she came downstairs, and she was crying. ‘All of these people don’t like me, and I’m gonna reply.’”

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